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08:30 - 14:00
Room: Conference foyer
09:00 - 14:00
Room: Conference foyer, Zenit
09:00 - 10:00
Plenary lecture: Urban aerosol: tendencies and challenges
Speaker: Imre Salma
Chair: Willy Maenhaut, Kostas Eleftheriadis
Room: A (Meridian)
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10:00 - 10:30
Coffee break
Room: Conference foyer
10:30 - 12:50
Session: Atmospheric Aerosols
Chairs: Helmut Horvath, Martin Gysel
Room: A (Meridian)
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10:30 - 10:50
Simplifying the water-affinity and CCN activation of complex organic aerosols: A model study
I. Riipinen1, 2, N. Rastak1 and S. N. Pandis2, 3
10:50 - 11:10
Marine Cloud Brightening - do implementation assumptions change its effectiveness?
A.K.L. Jenkins, P.M. Forster
11:10 - 11:30
The importance of organic compounds for the first aerosol indirect effect: sensitivity to cloud formation parameterizations and meteorological fields.
R.E.P. Sotiropoulou and E. Tagaris
11:30 - 11:50
Local geological topsoil dust in the area of Rome: linking mineral composition, aerodynamic size and optical properties
A. Pietrodangelo1, R. Salzano1, C. Bassani1, S. Pareti1 and C. Perrino1
11:50 - 12:10
Modeling aerosol water uptake in the Arctic and its direct effect on climate
12:10 - 12:30
Pre-Industrial Atmospheric Black Carbon Concentrations in North America
Liaquat Husain, and Tanveer Ahmed
12:30 - 12:50
Global model simulations of the impact of transport sectors emissions on atmospheric aerosol and climate
M. Righi, J. Hendricks and R. Sausen
10:30 - 12:50
Session: Atmospheric Aerosols
Chairs: Alfred Wiedensohler, Francisco Jose Olmo
Room: B (Leo+Virgo)
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10:30 - 10:50
Below-cloud scavenging by snow and mixed precipitation events calculated from high temporal resolution in situ measurements
G. Depuydt1, O. Masson1, J.L. Brenguier2, C. Piot3, J.L. Jaffrezo3
10:50 - 11:10
Diurnal and seasonal variations of (nano)aerosols in the Škocjan Caves, Slovenia, a natural treasure of planet Earth
I. Grgić1, I. Iskra2, B. Podkrajšek3, V. Debevec Gerjevič4
11:10 - 11:30
Aerosol Processes in PAH Infiltration and Population Exposure in Rome
P. Lipponen 1, O. Hänninen 1, R. Sorjamaa 1, M. Gherardi 2, M.P. Gatto 2, A. Gordiani 2, A. Cecinato 3, P. Romagnoli 3 and C. Gariazzo 2
11:30 - 11:50
Two years of measured vertical profiles in the Arctic (Svalbard Islands): results from 2011-2012 spring-summer campaigns
L. Ferrero1, D. Cappelletti2, B. Moroni2, V. Vitale3, R. Udisti4, G. Sangiorgi1, M.G. Perrone1, M. Busetto3, C. Lanconelli3, M. Mazzola3, A. Lupi3, S. Becagli4, R. Traversi4, D. Frosini4, M. Maturilli5, R. Neuber5, C. Ritter5, J. Graeser5, M. Fierz6, G. Mocnik7 and E. Bolzacchini1
11:50 - 12:10
EMEP intensive measurements on mineral dust in PM10, summer 2012 and winter 2013
W. Aas1, X. Querol2, F. Lucarelli3, A. Alastuey2, N. Pérez2, H. Areskoug4, V. Balan5, J. N. Cape6, M. Catrambone7, D. Ceburnis8, S.Conil9, L. Gevorgyan10, J.L. Jaffrezo11 , C. Hueglin12, N. Mihalopoulos13, M. Mitosinkova14, T. Moreno2, J.-P. Putaud15, V. Riffault16, K. Sellegri17, G. Spindler18
12:10 - 12:30
The effect of hexanoic acid on the hygroscopic properties of sodium halide aerosols
Lorena Miñambres, Estíbaliz Méndez, María N. Sánchez, Fernando Castaño and Francisco J. Basterretxea
12:30 - 12:50
Marine Aerosol Hygroscopicity and Volatility, Measured on the Chatham Rise (New Zealand)
L. Cravigan1, M. Mallet1, Z.D. Ristovski1, P. Vaattovaara2, N. Talbot4, G. Olivares4, M. Harvey3, C. Law3
10:30 - 12:50
Session: Fundamentals
Chairs: Christopher J. Hogan Jr., Charles Clement
Room: D (Kepler)
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10:30 - 10:50
Evolution of the charge state z and the cross section W of mobility-selected protein ions held for tens of ms at temperatures from 25 to 100 oC
J. Fernandez de la Mora1, M. Attoui2
10:50 - 11:10
Evaluation of the role played by multiple scattering on the radiative properties of soot fractal aggregates
J. Yon1, F. Liu2, A. Bescond1, C. Caumont-Prim1, C. Rozé1, F.-X. Ouf3, A. Coppalle1
11:10 - 11:30
The role of the scaling-law prefactor in the morphology of fractal aggregates
A.D. Melas(1,2), A.G. Konstandopoulos(1,3), L. Isella(4) and Y. Drossinos(2)
11:30 - 11:50
The Collision Frequency of Fractal-like Aerosols in the Free Molecular Regime
M.L. Eggersdorfer and S.E. Pratsinis
11:50 - 12:10
Collision Cross Section Calculation and Differential Mobility Analysis-Mass Spectrometry (DMA-MS) of Po-210 and Electrospray Generated Ions
Carlos Larriba-Andaluz, Hui Ouyang, Mark J. Meredith, Derek R. Oberreit, and Christopher J. Hogan Jr.
12:10 - 12:30
A new approach to the theory of Brownian coagulation
M.S. Veshchunov, I.B. Azarov
12:30 - 12:50
Oblique Impact Fragmentation of Nanoparticle Agglomerates
M. Gensch and A.P. Weber
10:30 - 12:50
Session: Aerosol Chemistry
Chairs: Markus Kalberer, Rami Alfarra
Room: C (Aquarius+Taurus)
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10:30 - 10:50
Novel Viscosity Measurement Technique for Atmospheric Aerosols using Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
C. Fitzgerald1, N. Hosny2, M. Kalberer1, M. Kuimova2, F. Pope3
10:50 - 11:10
Extractive electrospray ionisation: A novel mass spectrometry technique for the online characterisation of organic aerosol composition and reactivity
P.J. Gallimore and M. Kalberer
11:10 - 11:30
A Unique On-line Method to Infer Water-Insoluble Particulate Mass-Fractions
Daniel Short1,3, Michael Giordano1,3,Yifang Zhu 4, Phillip Fine2, Andrea Polidori2 and Akua Asa-Awuku1,3
11:30 - 11:50
Surface site density versus nucleation rate approaches of formulating ice formation in clouds – a comprehensive analysis based on AIDA cloud simulation experiments
O. Möhler, N. Hiranuma, K. Höhler, C. Hoose, M. Hummel, M. Niemand, C. Oehm, T.Schmitt, I. Steinke and R. Wagner
11:50 - 12:10
X-ray study of freshly emitted carbonaceous nano-aerosols by synchrotron radiation.
F.-X. Ouf1, F.-A. Barreda 2, 3, A. Coppalle4, D. Ferry5, X.-J. Liu3, B. Marcillaud1, C. Miron3, J.-B. A. Mitchell6, T. Mostefaoui7, C. Nicolas3, M. Patanen3, P. Parent8, E. Robert3, O. Sublemontier2, J. Yon4
12:10 - 12:30
Micro-Raman monitoring of photoevolution and hygroscopicity of single particles by using an environmental acoustic levitation celll
Y.A. Tobon, M. Moreau, S. Sobanska and J. Barbillat
12:30 - 12:50
Measurements of Oxidized Organic Compounds using Nitrate Chemical Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry coupled to an Atmospheric Pressure interface (NO3-CI-APi-ToF)
P.Massoli1, A. Lambe1,2, T. Hohaus1, M. Canagaratna1, P. Chaabra1, H. Stark1,3, J. Kimmel1,4, J. Jayne1, and D. Worsnop1
10:30 - 12:50
Session: Particle-Lung Interactions
Chairs: Otmar Schmid, Jenny Rissler
Room: E (Tycho)
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10:30 - 10:50
Translocation of fluorescently labelled SiO2 nanoparticles across human bronchial epithelial monolayers
I. George1, S. Vranic1, S. Boland1, and A. Baeza-Squiban1
10:50 - 11:10
Air-liquid interface exposure system for in vitro toxicological studies of wood combustion aerosols
S. Mülhopt1, M. Dilger2,3, C. Schlager1, R. Zimmermann3, S. Diabaté2, C. Weiss2, H.-R. Paur1
11:10 - 11:30
Effect of flue gas scrubber on the toxicological effects of particulate samples from a recovery boiler
S. Kasurinen1, O. Uski1,2, P. Jalava1, M. Happo1, I. Nuutinen1, M. Kortelainen1, H. Koponen1, J. Tirkkonen1, K. Kuuspalo1, A. Leskinen3, K. Lehtinen1,3, J. Jokiniemi1,4, M-R. Hirvonen1,2
11:30 - 11:50
Nanotoxicological studies in the Air-Liquid Interface using engineered metal NPs – Protein corona, gene analysis and dose response
C.R. Svensson 1,S. Ameer 2, J.H. Pagels 1, T. Cedervall 3, M. Kåredal 2, L. Ludvigsson 4, K. Broberg 2, B.O. Meuller 4, M.E. Messing 4, J. Rissler 1
11:50 - 12:10
Aerosol characterisation of e-cigarettes
R. Cabot, A. Koc, C.U. Yurteri and J.J. McAughey
12:10 - 12:30
Ecotoxicity of various types of urban particulate matter
B. Jancsek-Turóczi1, A. Hoffer2, Á. Tóth1, N. Kováts1, A. Ács1, and A. Gelencsér1
12:30 - 12:50
The respiratory toxicity of coal fly ash
T.P. Jones1, P. Brown2 and K.A. BeruBe2
12:50 - 14:00
Lunch break
09:00 - 14:00
Poster Session C - posters on display
Room: Zenit +Nadir
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Electrical Effects
Incineration of the diesel particulate matter using the dielectric barrier discharge on the electrostatic precipitator
Y. Ehara, M. Kobayashi, H. Muramatsu, A. Zukeran, H. Kawakami and T. Inui
Manipulation of aerosol particles with nonlinear polarizability
K.V. Genеralov, D.V Korneev, V.M. Generalov, М.V. Kruchinina, B.N. Zaycev
An ESP nanoparticle generator
C.W. Lin, W.Y. Lin, T.C. Hisao, Y.M. Kuo and C.C. Chen
Experimental study of a louvered electrostatic precipitator
Hso-Chi Chaung and Tsai-Yun Wu
Open Channel Electrospray System
J.S. Kang, J.H. Jung and G-.N. Bae
Effect of aperture rate on improving collection efficiency in hole-type electrostatic precipitator
H.Kawakami, A.Osako, Y.Watanabe, Y.Ehara, Y.Nitta, A.Zukeran, T.Inui
The Effect of Surface Charge on Characteristics of Fibrous Membrane
Y.R. Jhong, H.Y. Lin, S.K. Chan, T.M. Tu, Y.C. Cheng, Y.Y. Chang, C.W. Chen, W.Y. Lin
Characterization of an ion jet unipolar electrical aerosol diffusion charger
Wen-Yinn Lin, Ken-Hui Chang, Chih-Chieh Chen, Shao-Hao Lu, Yuan-Yi Chang, and Jin-Yuan Syu
SO2 Reduction by water condensation for marine diesel
A.Zukeran, K.Ninomiya, Y.Ehara, K.Yasumoto, H.Kawakami, T.Inui
Modifications to the bipolar charging theory for spherical particles
J.L. de La Verpillière, J.J. Swanson, A.M. Boies
Restructuring of Aggregates and their Primary Particle Size Distribution during Sintering
M.L. Eggersdorfer and S.E. Pratsinis
Acoustic waves in vapour-gas mixtures with polydispersed particles and droplets
Yu.V. Fedorov, D.A. Gubaidullin and D.D. Gubaidullina
Multiscale design of aerosol synthesis of materials: Effect of structure on TiO2 & SiO2 particle growth by coagulation and sintering
E. Goudeli, M.L. Eggersdorfer and S.E. Pratsinis
Dynamics of aerosols and particles at nonlinear oscillations in tubes
D.A. Gubaidullin, R.G. Zaripov and L.A. Tkachenko
De-agglomeration and bounce of the iron oxide agglomerates due to the impaction
M. Ihalainen, T. Lind, T. Torvela, J. Ruusunen, A. Lähde, P. Tiitta and J. Jokiniemi
Propagation of acoustic disturbances in N-fractional gas-liquid systems
D.A. Gubaidullin, A.A. Nikiforov, E.A. Teregulova and R.N. Gafiyatov
Experimental investigation dynamics of aerosols at oscillations in tubes in a no shock-wave mode
D.A. Gubaidullin, R.G. Zaripov and L.A. Tkachenko
Calculation of deposition on fibrous filters due to impaction – critical trajectories
S. J. Dunnett and C. F. Clement
Study of filtration performances of fibrous media: comparison between flat and industrial-geometry prototypes filters
L.F. Gonzalez, A. Joubert, Y. Andrès, C. Delahaye, N. Berthelot, X. Chaucherie, L. Le Coq
Degradation of glass fiber filter media exposed to acidic and alkaline contaminants
Myong-Hwa Lee, Jeong-Uk Kim and Eunsol Kim
Filtration characteristics of air filter loaded with differently charged particles
H.S. Park
Influence of particle and filter charge on collection efficiency of air filters in an externally applied electric field
H.S. Park
The analytical description of the dynamics of the impurity redistribution in the composite particles by coagulation
D.V. Tsaplin and V.N. Piskunov
Detection of the negative thermophoresis phenomenon in microgravity experiments
A.A. Vedernikov, S.A. Beresnev and A.V. Markovich
Contribution to the study of particle resuspension kinetics during thermal degradation of polymers.
S. Delcour, F.-X. Ouf, N. Azema, A. Coppalle, J. Yon, L. Ferry, F. Gensdarmes, J.-M. Lopez-Cuesta
Determining the mass accommodation coefficient of dicarboxylic acids using molecular dynamics simulations
Jan Julin and Ilona Riipinen
Size dependence of incorporation of gas molecules into aerosol nanoparticles
V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolík, V. Ždímal and P. Moravec
Influence of size effect on chemical reactions on surface of aerosol nanoparticles
V.V. Levdansky, J. Smolík, V. Ždímal and P. Moravec
Evolution of Size and Temperature of Droplets in the Process of Bulk Condensation
N.M. Kortsenshteyn, A.K. Yastrebov
Nucleation near critical supersaturation
Z. Kožíšek, P. Demo
Heterogeneous nucleation on partially wettable charged conducting seed particle
M. Noppel, H. Vehkamäki, P. M. Winkler, M. Kulmala, P. E. Wagner
The Role of Highly Oxidized Organics in New Particle Formation
I. K. Ortega and H. Vehkamäki
Linking Neutral and Charged Sulfuric Acid - Ammonia and Sulfuric Acid - Dimethylamine Clusters
I.K. Ortega, O. Kupiainen, T. Olenius, V. Loukonen, T- Kurten and H. Vehkamäki
Determination of Nanoparticles Surface Tension from Experimental Data on Homogeneous Nucleation of Ibuprofen Vapors
A.V. Samodurov, A.M. Baklanov, S.V. Vosel
Development of an Experimental Flow Configuration for the Study of the Effects of Mixing on the Nucleation and Growth of Liquid Droplets
G. Scribano, A.O. Alshaarawi, K. Zhou, A. Attili, F. Bisetti
Systematic correlation between aerodynamic shape factor and optical properties
S. Pfeifer, T. Mueller and A. Wiedensohler
Experiments on neutral cluster generation and detection below 2 nm size
J. Kangasluoma, H. Junninen, M. Sipilä, M. Kulmala, and T. Petäjä
A method to determine the size distribution of recombination products from atmospheric measurements
J. Kontkanen, T. Nieminen, H. E. Manninen, K. Lehtipalo, V-M. Kerminen, K. E. J. Lehtinen, and M. Kulmala
Generation of sub-Nanometer Atomic Clusters in the Aerosol Phase using Spark Discharge Generation (SDG)
A. Maisser, K. Barmpounis, M.B. Attoui, G. Biskos and A. Schmidt-Ott
Calculation of dynamic properties of fractal aggregates in the transition regime.
A.D. Melas, A.G. Konstandopoulos, L. Isella and Y. Drossinos
Analysis of the Current Models of Aerosol Dry Deposition
Vladimir N Piskunov
Nucleation of vapours - molecular content of critical clusters and activation of nanoparticles
Comparisons of Rman- and WALI- derived aerosol optical properties during HyMeX
M-L. Boytard, P. Royer, P. Chazette, J. Totems, X. Shang, and F. Marnas
Determining effective density of nanostructured particles by tandem electrical mobility and mass measurement (tandem DMA/APM): application to thermal spraying fumes
S. Bau, A. Charvet, D. Bémer and D. Thomas
Direct analysis of secondary organic aerosol using atmospheric-pressure glow discharge mass spectrometry
M. Brüggemann and T. Hoffmann
Strat Mitachi, Marius Mihai Cazacu, Adrian Timofte, Dan Dimitriu, Silviu Gurlui
Measurement of solid particle concentration is aided by catalytic stripper technology
J. J. Swanson and H.-J. Schulz
A new Instrument to Observe Contact Freezing of Single Supercooled Levitated Water Droplets
H.-J. Tong, F.D. Pope and M. Kalberer
On-board study of nano- and micrometer-particle characteristics of a running electric train
S. Abbasi, U. Olofsson, T. Tritscher, T. Krinke
A new device for the investigation of nucleation, dynamic growth and surface properties of single ice crystals
J. Voigtländer, C. Chou, H. Bieligk, T. Clauss, P. Herenz , D. Niedermeier, J.Z. Ulanowski, F. Stratmann
A real-time analyzing and weighing system
D. Weidauer, C. Bey, F. Freyer and N. Derenda
Review of the field experiments on the transfer of pollution in urban areas in 1979 and 2003
Yu.S. Balashov, V.N. Piskunov
Comparing particle number size distributions and number concentrations for airborne nanoparticles measured by SMPS, FMPS and UWCPC
S. Bau, V. Hase, P. Danihelka and O. Witschger
UFP measurement: comparison of commercial equipments using different measuring principles
B. Bergmans, F. Lenartz, J. Mertens, N. Faniel and T. Krinke
Comparison among un-denuder filter based, denuder filter pack and continuous techniques for inorganic artefact assessment
P. R. Dambruoso, G. de Gennaro, A. Di Gilio, P. Fermo, R. Filardi, A. Piazzalunga, R. Gonzalez Turion, R. Vecchi
Comparison of On-line and Off-line methods for the quantification of particle bound Reactive Oxygen Species
S.J. Fuller, F.P.H. Wragg and M. Kalberer
Inter-comparison of size distribution measurements in cloud expansion studies
E. Järvinen, M. Schnaiter, P. Vochezer, K. Höhler, N. Hiranuma and O. Möhler
Validating SMPS-measured size distribution of double-mode spherical Silica nanoparticles by Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
E.M. Faghihi, L. Morawska, G. Johnson and T. Bostrom
Application and recalibration of a GRIMM spectrometer in the monitoring of Sahara dust
C. Pio, J. Cardoso, T. Nunes, C. Alves, M. Cerqueira, S.M. Almeida, M. Almeida-Silva, M.C. Freitas
Description of the aerosol size distribution of the atmosphere during a Saharan dust intrusion over South Spain with airborne and ground based instrumentation: AMISOC
J. Andrey-Andrés, M. Sorribas, A. Corrales Sierra, R. González-Armengod, M. Gil, B. de la Morena, B. Marqués
Model 3088 Advanced Aerosol Neutralizer: Comparisons with Previous Generation
J.H. Scheckman, S. Elzey, J.E. Farnsworth and B. Osmondson
Black carbon measurements in snow with the single particle soot photometer
J. Svensson, D. Brus, A.-P. Hyvärinen, H. Lihavainen
RADES (RAdiological Dispersion Events Set-up) set-up and result from the characterization of the aerosol from simulated RDE´s (Radiological Dispersion Events).
F.G. Di Lemma, J.Y. Colle, Thiele H., Ernsteberg M. and R.J.M. Konings
A laboratory evaluation of four commercial particle sizers under several aerosol types
G.C. Dragan, J. Schnelle-Kreis, E. Karg and R. Zimmermann
On-line Diagnostics for Particle Size in Nanoparticle Manufacturing
A.J. Gröhn, M.L. Eggersdorfer, S.E. Pratsinis and K. Wegner
XPS analysis of size-segregated aerosol collected in an urban background site in Lecce (Italy)
M. R. Guascito, P. Ielpo, D. Cesari, A. Genga, C. Malitesta, D. Chirizzi, D. Contini
Characterization of filter materials for aerosol research – size resolved penetration
J. Ondráček, N. Zíková, V. Ždímal
Data Merging of Size Distributions from Electrical Mobility and Optical Measurements
T. Tritscher, A.F. Zerrath, S. Elzey and H. S. Han
Tandem of Differential Mobility Analyzer and Centrifugal Particle Mass Analyzer: application to hygroscopic growth of aerosol particles
S.S.Vlasenko, E.F.Mikhailov
Steady-state mass-mobility measurements of cigarette smoke using a CPMA
T.J. Johnson, R. Cabot, C. Treacy, C. Dickens, J. McAughey, C. U. Yurteri, J.P.R. Symonds and J.S. Olfert
Assessment of Voltage Shift in Tandem DMAs by Brownian Particle Trajectory Simulation
M.Alonso, F.J. Alguacil, J.P. Santos and V. Gómez
Instrumental optimization of the compact laser mass spectrometer LAMPAS 3 for on-line single particle analysis under various field conditions
K.-P. Hinz, A. Fendt and B. Spengler
Multi-Element Scanning Thermal Analysis (MESTA) of Aerosols and Nano-Carbon Particles
Y. P. Hsieh, G. Bugna and K. Robertson
Study on particle capture characteristics and numerical analysis for impaction sizer
C-H Huang, C-J Wu, Y-Y Chang
Consistency of Long-term Black Carbon Trends from Thermal and Optical Measurements in the U.S. IMPROVE Network
L.-W.A. Chen, J.C. Chow, J.G. Watson and B.A. Schichtel
Black Carbon in Dust and Geological Material: Reconciling Thermal/Optical and Spectral Quantification Methods
L.-W.A. Chen, Y.M. Han, J.A. Robles, J.C. Chow, J.J. Cao and J.G. Watson
Airspace Dimension Test (ADT) – A novel technique for diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with nanoparticles
J. Jakobsson, J. Kumlin, J. Hedlund, P. Wollmer, J. Löndahl
Remotely operated PLUS-octocopter used as an aerosol measurement platform
P. Madl, C. Oberauer and F. Steinhäusler
A CAPS-Based Single Scattering Albedo Monitor
T.B. Onasch, P. Massoli, P.L. Kebabian and A. Freedman
Performance Enhancements to TSI Water-based Condensation Particle Counters
J.H. Scheckman, S. Morell and F. Quant
Evaluation and development of Scanning Flow CCN Analysis
C. Wittbom, B. Svenningsson, S. Sjogren, E. Swietlicki
Generation and growth of aerosol particles on nucleus of radioactive decays
V.A. Zagaynov, N.A. Klyachin, N.P. Kalashnikov, A.A.Lushnikov, I.E. Agranovski, and Yu.G. Biruykov
Particle-Lung Interactions
Biological response in lung cells by brake dust from a novel set-up to generate one source wear particles
S. Abbasi, B. Ekstrand-Hammarström, U. Bergström, A. Bucht, U. Olofsson, U. Sellgren, A. Jansson
A multiculture cell exposure chamber for the assessment of airborne and engineered nanoparticles effects on health
A. Asimakopoulou, E. Daskalos, N. Lewinski, E. Papaioannou, A.G. Konstandopoulos
Effect of flow rate on fiber deposition in the model of human lungs
M. Bělka, F. Lízal, M. Jicha, J. Jedelsky
A portable device to measure puffing behaviour and tobacco smoke exposure
C. Graham, S.Slayford
In vivo measurements of nanometer-sized particle deposition in the nasal cavities of Taiwanese adults
D.J. Hsu and C.W. Lee
Role of size and composition of traffic and wood burning aerosols in the molecular responses induced in airway epithelial and pulmonary artery endothelial cells.
L. Boublil, M. Lisbonne-Autissier, M. Thierry-Mieg, M. Leroux, J.P. Savineau, L. Martinon, J. Sciare, K. Andreau, A. Baeza-Squiban and I. Baudrimont
In vitro efficiency measurements of the deposition of pMDI generated aerosols in a realistic central airway geometry
A. Kerekes, A. Nagy, M. Veres, D. Oszetzky, A. Czitrovszky
Aerosol Deposition Measurement in the Model of Human Lungs
F. Lízal, J. Jedelský, J. Adam, M. Bělka, and M. Jícha
Airspace dimension test (ADT) with nanoparticles for identification of patients with respiratory disease
J. Löndah, J. Jakobsson, T. Andersson, P. Wollmer
Experimental investigation of the transport and deposition of ambient aerosols in the human airways
A. Nagy, A. Kerekes, A. Czitrovszky
Coincidental study of inhalation and intratracheal instillation for hazard assessment of nanoparticles
T. Oyabu, Y. Morimoto, M. Horie, Y. Yoshiura, M. Shimada, M. Kubo, BW. Lee, T. Okada and T. Myojo
HEAPS study design: Health Effects of Air Pollution in Antwerp Schools
Evi Dons, Martine Van Poppel, S. De Prins, Luc Int Panis, G. Koppen
Differential uptake kinetics of nitrogen dioxide on various pollen grains
N. Visez, G. Chassard, S. Gosselin, M. Choël, D. Petitprez
Characterisation of an analysis system used to quantify health-relevant reactive oxygen species (ROS) in atmospheric aerosol particles
F.P.H. Wragg, S.J. Fuller and M. Kalberer
Indoor Working Place Aerosols
Analysing biological activity of dust from moisture damaged buildings: Relation of microbial components with toxicity
K. Huttunen, J. Tirkkonen, E. Krop, M. Täubel, J. Pekkanen, A. Hyvärinen, D. Heederik, J.-P. Zock and M.-R. Hirvonen
Environmental monitoring to inform built environments vulnerability to airborne disease transmission
Z.A.Nasir, L.Campos, M. Canales, L.Ciric and I. Colbeck
Air concentration of ultra-fine particles released from the Diesel engines
S. Bujak-Pietrek, U. Mikołajczyk, and I. Szadkowska-Stańczyk
Workers exposure to carbon black dust containing nano-sized particles
U. Mikołajczyk, S. Bujak-Pietrek and I. Szadkowska Stańczyk
Tests of the personal respiratory protective equipment using radioactive aerosols
Otahal P., Vosahlik J., Burian I.
Verification of airflow patterns and leakage of contaminants from fume cupboard
T. Jankowski
Indoor and Working Place Aerosols
Effect of air exchange rate on the removal of aerosol in a test chamber
T. Prasauskas, L. Gagyte, A. Jurelionis, D. Ciuzas, E. Krugly, L. Seduikyte and D. Martuzevicius
Coarse and fine particulate emissions from drilling activity
Farhad Azarmi, Prashant Kumar and Mike Mulheron
Particle concentrations and radon equilibrium ratios in an occupied auditorium
I. Bilska, M.R. Dudzinska, K. Kozak, J. Mazur and B. Polednik
Assessment of fungal aerosol in different type of residential buildings located in the city free of flood
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Filtration of an ultrafine aerosol produced by thermal spraying using a granular bed.
D. Bémer
Physical parameters of powders and release of aerosol
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PM10 and PM2.5 air pollution in Chinese village homes in the Xuanwei region
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Air Quality in London Paddington Train Station
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Source characterisation and estimation of daily residential exposure to ultrafine particles
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VOC and particle emissions from a household cleaning product
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Radon progeny particle concentration changes in an air-conditioned auditorium
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Exposure to indoor air pollutants during physical activity in gymnasiums
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Investigation of particulate matter from wave soldering processes at a printed circuit board manufacturing company
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Comparative study of indoor aerosols collected at educational institutions: kindergarten, elementary school, and secondary grammar school.
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Seasonal behavior of indoor and outdoor PAHs in different microenvironments of Rome, Italy
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Indoor/outdoor ratio and percent distribution behaviours of PAHs in Rome, Italy
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Concentrations of Indoor Submicrometer and Supermicrometer Particulate Matter in a Primary School in Prague.
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PM2.5 in modern office buildings: elemental characterization and oxidative potential
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Characterization of the bacterial and fungal bioaerosols in three elementary schools in Kaohsiung
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Exposure Assessment of Ozone in Elementary Schools in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Real-time Monitoring Of PM2.5 In Primary School
Lin YC, Mena KD and Chen PS
Ultrafine particles counts in elementary school in Taiwan
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The distribution of PM10, PM2.5, and PM1 concentrations in primary schools in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
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Clean air delivery rate (CADR) analysis based on energy consumption for different air flow rates of air cleaners
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Characterization of particular matters in subway HAVC system
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The effect of controlled indoor activities on the particulate matter mass and number
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Survivability of yeast in an electrodynamic balance
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Evaluation on removal performance of air cleaning devices against airborne allergen particles using an optical particle counter and ELISA method
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Aerosol Particles in the Indoor Environment of the Týn Church in Prague
L. Mašková and J. Smolík
Air Quality in Different Types of Archives
L. Mašková and J. Smolík
Alveolar dose of ultrafine particles for children in urban environments
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Subway platform air quality: assessing the influences of tunnel ventilation, train “piston effect” and station design
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The effect of biomass burning on PM exposure during wintertime
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Particle release from open ethanol fireplaces into the indoor environment
T. Schripp, E. Uhde, S. Wientzek, M. Wensing and T. Salthammer
Nanoparticle Enhanced PCR Detection of Bacterial Aerosols
Siyu Xu, Maosheng Yao
Direct Viral Aerosol Inactivation by Microwave Irradiation and its Mechanisms
Yan Wu, Maosheng Yao
Improving the Efficiencies of Andersen Impactors Using Mineral-Oil-Spread Agar Plate
Maosheng Yao, Zhenqiang Xu, Kai Wei, Yan Wu, Fangxia Shen, Qi Chen, Mingzhen Li
Cancer risk assessment for the inhalation exposure to particulate matters and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from household cooking in northern Taiwan
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Enhancement effect of O3 on the antifungal efficacy of nano-metals supported TiO2 on resistant mold spores
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Organic composition of indoor/outdoor particles in an elementary school
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Assessing the contribution of indoor particulate matter sources in residential homes in a northern province of Italy
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Assessment of population exposure to PM2.5 and PM10 in the Athens metropolitan area
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Measurement of Non-Volatile Particulate Matter Mass Emission Indices of Aircraft Gas Turbine Sources
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Dynamic Changes of the Aerosol Composition and Concentration During Different Burning Phases of Wood Combustion
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PM10 chemical composition in at street canyon and urban locations in London, UK
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Particles in road and railroad tunnel air - properties, sources and abatement possibilities
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Analysis of intrapersonal variance of hourly PM exposures
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Real-time relationship between digital visibility and PM2.5 at the middle of Taiwan
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Nanoparticle contribution to elemental concentration in atmospheric particulate matter
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Primary aerosols from ship diesel engine exhaust within the framework of HICE measurement campaign
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Micromarkers of source-specific combustion aerosols
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Meteorological and chemical factors triggering an exceptional PM pollution episode in wintertime in the Po Valley, Italy
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Organic aerosols from residential wood burning emissions analysed by Ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry
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The influence of children jumping on the bed on PM10/PM2.5/PM1 concentration profile
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Summer and winter time aerosol levels at an urban Mediterranean environment: Impacts of biomass burning.
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Comparison of PMx collected at sites with different level of air pollution using iron oxides as magnetic tracers
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Seasonal variability of the PMx chemical composition and ammonia concentration in loose-housing cowshed
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Source apportionment in suburban environment during summer
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Size distributed metallic elements in submicron and ultrafine atmospheric particles from urban and industrial areas: a source assessment
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Estimation of Non-Exhaust Emissions in PM10 Road Dust in Birmingham, UK
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Elemental composition and source identification of PM0.09-0.26 in European air pollution hot-spot
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Traffic-generated changes in the chemical composition of 13 fractions of PM in an urban area of Upper Silesia, Poland
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PM1 chemical and mineralogical characterization near a crude oil pre-treatment plant (Agri Valley) during an emergency procedure
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Sources and trends of atmospheric pollutants at Pallas, Finland, during 1996-2009
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Reserve posters
Urban particulate matter monitoring on a mobile platform: a real time experiment on a long term scale
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PMF source apportionment for fine and coarse PM in Athens, Greece: Evolution of source contributions over the last decade
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Particulate Matter in Indoor Aor in two Schools in Vienna, Austria
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Trace elements bioaccessibility in fine and ultrafine particles from the industrial area of Dunkirk (France) during the NANO-INDUS project
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Free energy barrier in the growth of sulfuric acid clusters
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Evaporation and growth dynamics of layered droplets: Theory and experiments
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Atmospheric tar balls: primary droplets from biomass burning?
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Application of broadband optical cavity methods to studying the optical properties of aerosols at short wavelengths
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Release of fine particles from birch pollen grains following impaction
N. Visez1, M. Choël2, G. Loubert1, G. Chassard1, D. Petitprez1
Late posters
Characterization of non-exhaust coarse and fine particles using a mobile sampling system
Seokhwan Lee, Jihyun Kwak, Sunyoup Lee
Properties of non-exhaust ultrafine particles from on-road driving measurements
Seokhwan Lee, Jihyun Kwak, Sunyoup Lee
Ceramic powder granulation via electrostatic slurry spray technique
Inyu Park, Jonghun Park, Dongwook Shin
Monte Carlo simulation of a diffusive-controlled aglomeration process inside a combustion chamber
M. D. Camejo, D. R. Espeso, L. L. Bonilla
Determination of suspended exhaust PM mass for light duty vehicles
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Nitrate anion at atmospheric ice–vapour interfaces: A molecular picture
Martina Roeselová, Ivan Gladich, Céline Toubin, and Steven Neshyba
Molecular Simulations of Haloalkanes at the Air/Water interface
Habartová Alena, Minofar Babak, Roeselová Martina
Experimental Validation and Application of the CPMA-Electrometer Mass Concentration Standard
Symonds Jonathan, Johnson Tyler, Dickau Matthew, Thomson Kevin, Smallwood Greg, Olfert Jason
Impact of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions on the Cloud Forcing Bias in EC-Earth3
Irena Ivanova, Colin Jones and Klaus Wyser
Study of physical and chemical parameters of submicron and nanoaerosol in different sectors of the metropolis anthropoecosystem
Kolesnikov Evgeny, Gusev Alexander, Kuznetsov Denis, Godymchuk Anna, Levina Vera
NanoMet3: Portable Solid Nanoparticle Counter for Vehicle Exhaust Emissions
Cachon Luis, Imhof David
Gas Turbine Engine Exhaust Soot Mass Density
Donald Hagen, Prem Lobo, Philip Whitefield
Preliminary tests of electrostatic precipitators installed with exhaust ventilation fans for improvement of indoor air quality in subway tunnels
Sang-Hyeon Jeong, Bangwoo Han, Seong-Hoon Shim, Yong-Min Kim, Jeong-Hee Hong, Sung-Jun Bae, In-Yong Jeong
A laboratory intercomparison of CPC and SMPS measurements of submicron aerosols
Zhang Shouwen, Setyan Ari, Riffault Véronique
DNATrax (DNA Tagged Reagents for Aerosol eXperiments): Food Based DNA Barcoded Simulants for Safe Aerosol Studies
Farquar George R.,Wheeler Elizabeth K., Udey Ruth N., Jones A. Daniel, Kaeser Cynthia J., Shusteff Maxim, Hall Sara B.
Application of a X-ray charger in SMPS measurements
Lena Knobel, Kay Weinhold, Jay Gandhi, Alfred Wiedensohler, Hans-Joachim Schmid
Parametric investigations on the formation and concentration of fine particles in a small scale biomass combustion unit
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Simple proxy for OH concentration in the atmosphere
Mikkonen Santtu, Berresheim Harald, Adam Max, Romakkaniemi Sami
Can Antibiograms Assess the Toxicity of Engineered Nanoparticles?
Kourmouli Angeliki, Valenti Marco, Beaumont Bertus, Kalantzi Olga-Ioanna, Schmidt-Ott Andreas and Biskos George
Detection of bacteria in bioaerosol-emissions from the industrial livestock farming
Daniela Schneider, Andrea Gärtner, Elena Martin, Andreas Gessner, Udo Jäckel
Application of aerosol formation mechanism to clean industrial exhaust gas
R. Heidenreich, S. Holfeld, S. Blei
Indoor/outdoor relationships of PM2.5 in Rome, Italy
Romagnoli P , Muto V , Sacco F , Perilli M
Feedback of aerosol processing in clouds on the indirect aerosol effect
Neubauer David, Lohmann Ulrike, Hoose Corinna, Frontoso Grazia-Maria
Rapid Allergen Reduction By Atmospheric Cold Plasma
Yan Wu, Yongdong Liang , Maosheng Yao*, and Jue Zhang
Rapid Viral Aerosol Inactivation Using Atmospheric Cold Plasma
Yan Wu, Yongdong Liang , Maosheng Yao*, and Jue Zhang
Temporal Distribution of Gram-negative (G-) and Gram-positive (G+) Bacterial Aerosols with Different Charge Polarity and Level
Kai Wei and Maosheng Yao*
Trompetter, W.J.(1); Boulic, M.(2); Ancelet, T.(1); Davy, P.K.(1) and Phipps, R.(2)
Use of Air-Sampling-Culturing, Free Settling and Filtration Revealed Strikingly Different Bacterial Aerosol Species through High Throughput Gene Sequence
Mingzhen Li, Kai Wei, Yunhao Zheng, Jing Li, Zhuanglei Zou, Maosheng Yao*,and Zhencheng Xu
Hidden Biological Aerosol Exposure Risks from Vehicle Air Conditioner Filter
Jing Li, Mingzhen Li, Fangxia Shen, Zhuanglei Zou , Maosheng Yao* and Chang-yu Wu
Photochemical Mechanisms of Specific Low Molecular Weight Carboxylic Acids in Aerosols Identified Using Raman Spectroscopy
Su-Ching Kuo, Ying I. Tsai, Li-Ying Hsieh, Cheng-Hsien Tsai
Modelling of sulphuric acid nanoparticles growth
L.Škrabalová 1,2 , D. Brus 1,3, T. Anttila 3, V. Ždímal 1, H. Lihavainen 3
Atmospheric Aerosol Measurement Using Tethered-balloon System And Optical Particle Counter Development
Kang Ho Ahn, Hee Ram Eun
Characterization of an in vitro Whole Cigarette Smoke Exposure System (Vitrocell® 24/48)
Majeed, S., Wagner, S., Frentzel, S., Kuehn, D., Goedertier, D., Peitsch, M.C., Hoeng, J. Vanscheeuwijck, P.
The use of a quantifiable exposure method to assess the biological responses of bronchial epithelial cells to whole smoke from a reduced toxicant prototype cigarette
Azzopardi David, Haswell Linsey, Foss-Smith Geoff, Hewitt Katherine, Corke Sarah, Phillips Gary
A Compact, Tippable, Water Condensation Particle Counter
Susanne Hering, Gregory Lewis, Steven Speilman
Denuder modified for PAH sampling : Comparison with commercial cartridges
Sabino, F. C.; Pinto, J. P.; Amador, I. R.; Piracelli, P.V.; Solci M. C.
Measurements of particulate matter of mass and number concentrations during controlled indoor activities and measurements of resuspension in working environment
Serfozo Norbert,Chatoutsidou Sofia-Eirini,Glytsos Theodoros,Lazaridis Michalis