The EAA and EAC

The European Aerosol Assembly is the organisation which has the responsibility to plan for the future hosting of European Aerosol Conferences, as well as to promote the development of the field of aerosol science through its working groups. It consists of 12 national or regional societies across Europe, though membership of these societies is not limited to European nationals, and operates under a formal constitution. The major activity of the EAA and its working groups takes place at the European Aerosol Conference, held in three out of every four years (the missing year being that in which the International Aerosol Conference, an event designed to foster links between research communities in all regions of the world, is held).

The most recent previous conferences were held in Granada (2012),  Manchester (2011), Karlsruhe (2009), Thessaloniki (2008) and Salzburg (2007).

The International Aerosol Conference in 2010 was held in Helsinki.