The Tourist Programme Offer

Participants are advised to book seats on the respective tour in advance via on line reservation form. Tickets can be picked up or purchased at the Tourist Programme counter in the registration area during the registration hours.

Tours will be organized once there is a minimum participation of 15 persons. Prices are in EUR per person.

Grand City Tour with Visit to Prague Castle

Monday 2 September 09.00 – 13.00 & 14.00 – 18.00
Wednesday 4 September 13.00 -17.00

Duration:4 hours
Description:This sightseeing tour explores the beauty of Prague Castle and the Old Town. In 4 hours guests will see the most famous sights of Prague, commemorating its thousand-year history. Our bus will take guests to Prague Castle; the tour includes a walk around the Prague Castle complex including St. Vitus' Cathedral, the Royal Palace and St. George's Basilica. Guests will then continue by bus to Parizska Street and on foot to the Old Town Square with its famous astronomical clock before returning to the bus
Price:EUR 49
Includes:Entrance fee to St. Vitus' Cathedral and to the Royal Palace, English-speaking guide, transport

Jewish Ghetto and Old Town Square

Tuesday 3 September 10.00 – 14.00

Duration:4 hours
Description:The tour presents the Jewish Town through a prism of history and legend. Guests will walk through the fascinating Jewish Ghetto with its unique 15th century Old Jewish Cemetery (with 1200 tombstones), the Jewish Museum, the Pinkas, Spanish, Maisl and Klaus Synagogues and the ancient Gothic-style Old-New Synagogue - the oldest synagogue still in use in Europe. The most frequently visited tombstone in the cemetery is that of Rabbi Löw, who created the legendary Golem, a mythical person which should have protected the Jewish Quarter. After visiting all the synagogues the tour will continue with a slow walk to the Old Town Square. Guests will see the Old Town City Hall with its famous Astronomical clock and other monuments. At the end guests will walk through the Old Town streets to the bus.
Price:EUR 39
Includes:Entrance fee to Jewish Museum and Old-New Synagogue, English-speaking guide, transport

Trip to Konopiste Chateau

Wednesday 4 September 14.00 – 18.30

Duration:4,5 hours
Description:This excursion will take guests to one of the most beautiful chateaux in Bohemia, situated about 50 km south of Prague. The original castle was built in the late 13th century in the style of a French fortress. It was also later the home of the successor to the Austrian throne, Ferdinand d'Este, whose assassination in Sarajevo sparked World War I. At present the chateau offers a fine display of historical weapons, hunting trophies, furniture, china and Late Gothic sculptures and paintings. A beautiful English park surrounds the Chateau.
Price:EUR 49
Includes:Admission fee to the chateau, English-speaking guide, transport

Palaces and Gardens in the Lesser Town

Thursday 5 September 09.00 – 13.00

Duration:4 hours
Description:Walking tour around the beautiful Prague Baroque Gardens and Palaces. The tour starts on the Hradcany square in front of the entrance to the Palace Gardens. The guide will take the guests through the gardens on the southern slopes of Prague Castle: the Garden of Eden, the Garden on the ramparts, the Ledebourgh Garden, the Great and Minor Palffy Gardens. There is a marvellous view across the roofs of Prague and Petrin Hill from all of these gardens. Below the gardens, guests will walk past the most beautiful Prague Palaces: The Wallenstein Palace - seat of the Senate, Seminar street - seat of the Parlament, Malostranské square dominated by St. Nicolas Church, Kaiserstejn Palace and Lichtenstein Palace, before entering the Vrtba Palace and garden - the most beautiful Prague Baroque Garden, which has only recently been newly reconstructed. The walk will end at the Wallenstein Palace Garden which has been newly opened after long reconstruction. The garden belongs to the Czech Senate and is richly decorated with Baroque statues, a Grotto cave and a lake with fish and swans and peacock birds. After visiting this garden the guide will lead participants back to the Clarion Congress Hotel.
Price:EUR 19
Includes:English - speaking guide, admission fees to the gardens

Trip to Kutná Hora

Friday 6 September 09.00 – 15.00

Duration:6 hours
Description:The picturesque medieval town of Kutná Hora, part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage, is situated approximately 60 km east of Prague. The sources of the beauties and riches of Kutná Hora are in the silver mines that were exploited most intensively in the 14th and 15th century. At that time the town rivallet Prague itself in importance. During this excursion you will see interesting and most impressive sights as the unique Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara, the patron of saint miners, the nearby Hrádek building which has a direct relationship with the town’s mining past, Wallachian Court (Vlašský dvůr) which is an important building, originally a Royal Mint, that once produced Prague groschen as well. Then you will see the Gothic fountain, and the Archdeacon’s Church of St. James.
Price:EUR 49
Includes:English-speaking guide, entrance fee to Wallachian Court