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The Czech Aerosol Society (CAS) was formed in 1999 from the former Working Group on Aerosol Research of the Czech Society of Chemical Engineering at the ocassion of the Europen Aerosol Conference held in Prague in 1999. As given in its constitution the Society maintains a forum of researchers from various Czech Institutions and Universities in order to:
  • promote collaboration in all areas of aerosol research,
  • promote by means of meetings and publications the spread of information between the members and the public,
  • support education in aerosol related fields at all levels,
  • support international co-operation.

The Conference OVZDUŠÍ v ČASe 2024 is held in cooperation with the Czech Aerosol Society and MU RECETOX
November 11-13, 2024
in Sněžné

More informations HERE.

New open access journal Aerosol Reserch