Special Sessions

In addition to regular sessions, a number of special topics are chosen for particular focus at the conference. The list of special sessions is given below:

  • European Year of the Air Quality 2013 / Special Events
    Host: Sabine Wurzler, Martina Krämer, Martin Gysel (WGs Atmospheric Aerosols / Aerosol Modelling)
  • Radical Chemistry and Aerosol Formation
    Host: Thorsten Hoffman, Thomas Zeuch (WG Aerosol Chemistry)
  • (Bio)aerosols and Health
    Host: Jeroen Buters, Otto Hänninen (WG Particle-Lung Interactions)
  • Source-specific Emissions of Carbonaceous Aerosol from Combustion Processes
    Host: Willy Maenhaut, Heinz Burtscher (WG PMx)
  • Source Apportionment
    Host: Andre Prevot, Thomas Kuhlbusch (WG PMx)
  • Combustion aerosols: Composition and health effects
    Host: Ralf Zimmermann, Olli Sippula (WG Combustion)